Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Pastel: Orient Point, New York

What can you do with a ballpoint pen?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mixed Media

Figures made from felted wool, acorns, metal, cork, cotton, twigs and clay.

Fortune Teller's Box

After and Before. Created when I was trying to make art 365 days of the year.

Edge of Rocky Stream Bed in Autumn. Collage with drawing.

Folding Woody Guthrie Book.

Second View: Woody Guthrie Book


North Fork of Long Island. Watercolor.

Trees. Painted in the woods, Falls Mills, Delhi, New York. Oil.

Dead Bird of Paradise Flowers on Desktop. Oil.

Major world religions connected by thread-

to peace....Acrylic with block printed fabric squares.

Needle Work

Blanket with self-dyed and pieced details

Pillow that was to be a rug: About 10 years after starting this rug, it was turned into a pillow!

The beginning of a pillow that will be a rectangular prism.



Needle Felting

High School Art Projects

Students were to take an existing ornamental shape and paint it in an interesting way and to the best of their ability. All of the results were completely different- only the wooden frame shape was the same.

We took a family trip to Mexico where we saw many wood and papier mache figures. In the classroom, three dimensional design students made their own using cardboard bases and layers of white plaster. The projects were finished with acrylic paint.

This tin box was underpainted in a variety of colors, overpainted in black, and the design scratched in.

HOME MADE: all kinds of things around the house

This is my son's bedroom door and other details

sponge painted