Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cakes for People you Love

There was a period during which I baked cakes for a local restaurant. I also made cakes for weddings and special occasions. It happened that several people that I care about had birthdays this past weekend. Cake with nasturtiums: a birthday surprise for my husband's aunt Mary who has been under the weather lately.
Cake with chocolate leaves: for Harry- a colleague and a really great guy, celebrating a special birthday. Cake with swirls and nuts: for Dylan, my son's band mate and a young man that we have enjoyed spending lots of time with.

If you can't always say it with words- say it with food! I love you all!


Claire said...

Beautiful!! I especially love the chocolate leaves.

oddlogic said...


Linda Norris said...

Ah, they're beautiful--I agree with Claire--love the chocolate leaves!