Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Asking Students to Think

After lunch I teach a class that is 80 minutes long- too long for most- so I have developed a list of videos from Vimeo, Youtube, etc. and articles for them to look at, read and respond to. The list is available on our school's network, so all of the students can click, watch and read. These activities coordinate (more or less) with what we are doing in class. If you want to see what kinds of activities go with the "thought" books, then click on the list that looks too small

Type as Texture

This is a lesson that I got from Judy Decker's Incredible Art Department website. It is Judi Morgan's lesson plan, and you can click here to be redirected to it. The gist is this: Use text as a texture to teach about design. Judi emphasizes the concept of "rhythm", where I emphasize the principles of design in general. She recommends using magazines and newspapers...I furnish sheets of pre-copied paragraphs and random lettering in a variety of fonts. I use black backgrounds on some sheets and white on others. I find that this saves time, confusion and teaches the same principles. I really appreciate the Judy Decker resource and tell my students about it. They use it to get new project ideas for their free time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Painting from Hand-Carved Stamps

My advanced art students are going to be making a project such as this starting this week, so I thought I would post this. I wanted to make a painting that was made out of "stamps" or prints this summer, so I created three stamps of different scales to represent trees in early spring, fading back in space. The stamps are made from soft printmaking material- essentially big erasers. I underpainted patchy areas of olive green and sap green to provide a platform for the prints and will recommend that my students do the same. I used water based acrylic and block inks. I cut out sections of the original circles of leaves to use as mini stamps in random areas after I worked out the bigger areas and hand painted particular areas near the end of the process.

student sample

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Student Art

My students' art is now gracing the walls of my son's apartment at City College. The center tree and bird (upper right) were made by two separate students. Thank you so much! You both do wonderful work! Click to see closer....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Cake

People are constantly coming and going- being born, moving, getting older (having birthdays)...and all are in need of cake! Wishing you a wonderful year in Scotland, Anna!