Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Painting from Hand-Carved Stamps

My advanced art students are going to be making a project such as this starting this week, so I thought I would post this. I wanted to make a painting that was made out of "stamps" or prints this summer, so I created three stamps of different scales to represent trees in early spring, fading back in space. The stamps are made from soft printmaking material- essentially big erasers. I underpainted patchy areas of olive green and sap green to provide a platform for the prints and will recommend that my students do the same. I used water based acrylic and block inks. I cut out sections of the original circles of leaves to use as mini stamps in random areas after I worked out the bigger areas and hand painted particular areas near the end of the process.

student sample


Cape Coop said...

I was just surfing blogspot and found your blog- thank you for sharing all of your ideas! I am a follower now. Rebecca

Claire said...

I love how this came out!