Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Papier Mache on Wheels

...Another project made with recycled materials- except for the wheels and some of the bonding materials! The foundation was made from a pair of animal silhouettes cut out of corrugated cardboard. The legs were reinforced with wood strips. The stuffing was made from balled up newspaper, with masking tape to secure it. The outer body was padded with balled up newspaper, and in some cases covered with packing tape and in others, plaster casting material. The animals were
coated with approximately 5 layers of papier mache made from flour, white glue and water. Before the students left each day they could coat the whole thing with that mixture so it would harden up. Some students forgot to, or chose not to.....then it took longer....
These were made in a 3D Design class.

We made them on wheels so we can roll them
and chuckle.....