Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Archetypes- 3DD

The world is made up of types- here are some of the ones we chose to represent- the witch, the athlete, the maiden, the musician and the mystic madman.

The witch face is Sculptamold on wood, the maiden and the mystic- fired clay, the athlete and rock star- masking tape on popsicle sticks with hands, face and feet of Sculpey. If you give free choice to your students- be aware that the Sculptamold takes far less time....

We did some research to get a feel for the universality of character types:
Jungian Archetypes
Tarot Cards (characters) and Stock Characters (in theatre)
Commedia dell'Arte

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Claire said...

such a great idea...i remember making a monkey out of masking tape. fun timez!