Sunday, March 7, 2010

Felting Experiment: Embedding

A few weeks ago I experimented with embedding small, square pieces of sponge into a project. I wet felted this in one piece, in one session and it ended up looking like a sheet of home-made ravioli, uncut.  Since then I have cut open the pockets and done a lot of stitching.  I have been experimenting with squares for the past few years- beyond that- the idea of boundaries and compartments. Some of the compartments have natural materials within them, and some do not. Some are centered, some are not, some are bordered, some are not,some are more "squared" some are not.  I used to have a desire for all projects to be made of natural materials, but now I think more about the properties of the material than the content.  

It is sometimes hard to let go of color and think about design purity, because color is so exciting to me, but here it is....

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