Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Haitian Drapo/ 8th Grade Art

I had seen Drapo, or Vodou flags at a museum show a few years ago, and thought that students might enjoy imitating them, using as much glitter and shiny paper as they wanted to.

Drapo, or flags, are an important element of the Vodou ceremony. They are made of satin, velvet, or rayon, and are decorated with applique, sequins, or beads.
The designs reflect Vodou's open attitude towards the mixing of cultural and religious symbols and concepts.  African symbols merge with Catholic processional banners, French military ensigns, and Masonic flags and aprons.

(Information from the American Museum of Natural History)

The first collage is of the students' work, and the second, an original drapo-
La Sirene by Evelyn Alcide,
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I will do this project again, but I would like the designs to be more intricate.  I asked for "over the top," but that is not necessarily what I got!

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Those are beautiful!!!