Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Foil Projects...

I failed to post these first foil projects that were made about 8 years ago...and noticed them around my classroom. You can click on the link to the others (under foil projects) on the sidebar. Here, in brief, are the instructions that I used for these.  I cut out  as many gold or silver pieces of art work that I could find in the heaps of National Geographic Magazines that I have.  I paid no particular attention to the era, style, or culture that it came from and put them in a folder for the students to choose from. I avoided having the students do this part, because my past experience has been that they waste about 2 days looking at magazines and say that there is nothing in them that they can use. We researched Illuminated Manuscripts, Russian Icons, and Gusav Klimt (decorative works, with an emphasis on gold...a variety of meanings and time periods).  The projects needed to be well planned, the magazine parts needed to be well integrated, and a border was necessary. These were made on the gold tooling foil that comes on a roll (approximately 8 inches wide).  I spray painted some beans copper and gold, and had some metallic and decorative paper on hand for the borders.  We also had some plastic gemstones. The ones that I posted earlier were not made from the clipped gold pages.  I think that these were more successful.

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