Wednesday, December 15, 2010

7th Grade Watercolor Mushrooms

Students worked from photographs on these watercolors.  They had never practiced the more formal method of wetting individual areas to prevent colors from bleeding out before. (This is the first year that I get these students).  We also worked on making "Impressionistic" backgrounds from the detailed, realistic reference material.

Project Runway: Recycled Sweaters turned into Mittens

Our Project Runway class took a field trip to the local thrift store and purchased many clothing items that can be turned into ???? (imagination- no limit).  Sweaters, using the bottom ribbing, can be turned into mittens.  If you are going to make them, trace your hand and make sure to include your wrist.  Think about the widest part of your hand...will it fit through that wrist opening?  If in doubt...widen the wrist part of the drawing.  Add seam allowance and cut four.  Sew.

If a student prefers, or if you lack the materials, then use polar fleece or old wool blankets.  Be aware that the wrist opening will need to be even bigger than you think, because there is no stretchy ribbing to work with. 

We also taught the students how to use beads and sequins. If you are going to do that, purchase some beading needles and perhaps some threaders.  We had one student who had particularly sharp eye sight thread all of ours, because most of us could not do it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

More Amazing 8th Grade Ink Drawings

Here are some more Amazing 8th Grade Ink Drawings based on the Cabinet of  Natural Curiosities (see link,scroll down)
This project gives just about every student a sense of accomplishment that they did not have before.  I have them complete a series of crosshatching samples (from a really old drawing book).  They draw the basic outline in pencil, but they really don't need to draw the repeating aspects in pencil- they can master that in pen (lizard scales, feathers, etc.)  I used to think that copying from existing work was cheating (my parents didn't let us trace anything past 1st grade)....but they aren't tracing here, they are drawing.  AND they are learning methods of shading that aren't that common any more.  How else to learn?   (Click on pic to see bigger)