Friday, December 3, 2010

More Amazing 8th Grade Ink Drawings

Here are some more Amazing 8th Grade Ink Drawings based on the Cabinet of  Natural Curiosities (see link,scroll down)
This project gives just about every student a sense of accomplishment that they did not have before.  I have them complete a series of crosshatching samples (from a really old drawing book).  They draw the basic outline in pencil, but they really don't need to draw the repeating aspects in pencil- they can master that in pen (lizard scales, feathers, etc.)  I used to think that copying from existing work was cheating (my parents didn't let us trace anything past 1st grade)....but they aren't tracing here, they are drawing.  AND they are learning methods of shading that aren't that common any more.  How else to learn?   (Click on pic to see bigger)

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