Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pre K Fish - drawing, painting, gluing

Are you wondering what to do with three and four year olds?  If you pre-cut fish for them, they can learn to draw scales, learn to glue sequins on (using a small bottle of white glue), locate the eyes and draw them....and then...on another day...they can paint a background for the fish as a group.  Small children love to paint!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outdoor Cooking with Students

There is really nothing to be learned from this post--it's just a reminder to take a break from routine and enjoy some time with students in a new way.  We baked mini pizzas in an outdoor oven that had been made by Eagle Scouts a number of years ago, that had really never been used.  The shop teacher made a peel that fit the oven, so we could make pizzas.  Another teacher made a wood fire and prepared nachos, mango salsa and other goodies with the students.  It was part of an annual yearbook signing afternoon we call "Dandelion Day."  Every school should have such a tradition---and the outdoor cooking was a successful new addition!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What can everyone make? Pre K-12

pile of papers that the students made
middle school projects


I worked last year with 4 year olds....and 7th through 12th graders.  What could we all do?  We painted papers... and chalked them, and textured them, and collaged them- you name it! We had stations around the room, used a timer and switched every five minutes or so.  The next day we cut the papers we made...and tore them, and turned them into works of art.  I have to say, there were so many results that I loved, and the students particularly enjoyed the stations.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make a Pair of Shoes in One Class Period

      Students were given a 3 foot square piece of brown craft paper and were asked to make a pair of shoes in one class period.  They could use hot glue, tape, brown paper (postal) tape....anything they wanted to use, really.  One boy used blue foam insulation board as the base.  This was a fun thing to do on the last day of school before summer vacation. I love projects that have no element of "right" or "wrong."  Many students asked if they were doing it right, or could they do X,Y, or Z? No need to ask, kids. Whatever you think.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Repeating Designs Using a Copy Machine- 8th Grade Art

Students made a drawing or a series of drawings, outlining them in with a black pen.  They used the copy machine to make approximately 6 copies.  Students could resize the drawing(s) at this point.  They  colored the copies with markers or colored pencils and trimmed them close to the edges of the drawings.  Students used glue sticks to neatly glue the copies to a sheet of paper that closely matched the color of the copy paper.  We used bristol board.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recycled Hats....

The orange hat was made from an old wool coat of mine...and the purple one, from a cashmere sweater.

I used the beret template found on Martha Stewart's website as a starting point, made a mock up out of junky knit material, and found out that I have a very large head! I continued making three more mock ups until arriving at Mr. Orange, modeled here by my daughter (who doesn't have as a big a head which is why the hat looks big on her).

Ms. Purple is made to look like a hat I saw in a Garnet Hill catalog. I took the hem section of a sweater, and without cutting the sweater, stretched it to fit smoothly on one side of my head, bunching it on the other. I tied the clump of wool together and then tied it off.  I trimmed the excess and stitched through the clump over and over again using blind stitches.  Last, I  put a piece of yarn, similar in color to the sweater, around the clump.  I dyed it purple using wool dyes, and "felted" the flower using the clothes dryer.  Tips: Wash and dry the wool in both cases before you begin. Perhaps dye the fabric first, and then create the final product.  The purple hat has a slight streak in one of the creases....


One More Shrine.....

This terrific shrine, made by a sophomore, was fashioned from an old record, a cookie tin, miniature motors, hardware store items and miscellany....