Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cake Circle Sunflowers. Grade One.

Because I have a lot of cake circles and wanted to use some of them up, as a fall project we made sunflowers on sticks. First, the students practiced drawing them on scrap paper, and actually painted the practice pieces. this took one class period. It was difficult for first graders to work on a larger scale, so there was a lot of erasing. During the following class we re-drew the sunflowers on the cake circles and  painted them. Another week the students painted the sticks and cut out the leaves. I hot glued the projects together, as first graders cannot use hot glue. Finally, a week later, we used white glue to glue actual sunflower seeds onto the flowers. This is not an instant project! My goal is to create lasting projects that take more than one class period to complete.

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